General Services

We provide accurate parts and rails calculation according to your layout design.

Just simply provide us your layout design, PV spec, quantity and roof type. 

We will provide you a quotation of what you need for the job.

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Send us your layout desgin

Simply click and fill the order form below.
We will reply you with a quotation in 1 hour.

Special layout?

No worries, we do special engineering design for jobs that are not normal.
send us some details about the job, we will work out a special solution and provide you our engineer DATA Which helps the job to get Engineer approval.


Certificate and Installation Manual

We provide all relevant mountingsystem specification and the relevant certifications applies to EZQUIK™ Mounting System.

Example of our EzQuote Online System:

Company A: 

Can you please quote my job?

MicroSolar Energy: 

Yes sure. Please send us your layout design, panel’s spec & quantity on our EzQuote online system. We will send you the quotation in 1 hour.

Example of our Special System:

Company B: 

We have a special job that the spacing of the batten and rafter is 7 metres away.

MicroSolar Energy: 

Yes sure. Please send us more detail about the roof and your special request on this job. We will work out a special solution for you. Also, you can have a look at our special projects on our website.