Projects & solutions

It is important to choose the right tilt system

EzTrussTM is strongly recommended for projects in which Klip Lok clamps are relied upon 2 roof ribs only.

Using conventional EzTKT in such panel layout could result in unstable structure.

Not recommend


EzTruss is fixed to metal roof by at least 3 screws

For installing on corrugated or square rib roof sheet , at least 3 screws are required per ‘truss’ for meet the 148 km/h minimum wind speed in region A as outlined by national construction code.

EzTKT is generally not recommended for rails that are in the same direction as roof ribs.  If must be used, EZbase can be a solution for allowing sufficient screw fixings.  Click here   

EzTruss is compatible with Klip Lok clamp

EzTruss can be bolted onto KLC when they are in the same direction as roof ribs.

2 KLC ( 1 in the front, the other at back) are required per EzTruss. The Spacing of truss to be followed as engineering data of KLC.

For more about KLC, click here

EzTKT work with EzBase

In some cases, there is not enough space for fixing 2 screws on each tilt foot. EzBase is designed for resolve this issue.

For more about EzBase, click here

The result of incorrect use of klip lok

Wrong selection of roof clamp would lead to loosen connection and wobbliness of the entire system.  

This video illustrates KLC700 is incompatible with Kliplok 700 Classical metal roof.               click here for more…

After replacing the clamps, GRS700 is working on the roof perfect

How to Earthing

3 items for earthing system: mid clamp, EzT-Bolt and earthing Lug

The Earthing chip is pre-assembled with each mid clamp.  This creates conduction between PV panels.

EzT-Bolt has special teeth that can pierce the anodized surface of aluminium to conduct electric current from panels to rails.

The main advantage of Ezquik earthing is that upon completion of panel installing, earthing would be done at the same time. No additional work is required.

The only earthing job that really needs to be done

Only one earthing lug is required on each row of PV panels. It can be installed on either one of the rails.  

About Screws

Screws are used for fixing mounting brackets onto metal purlins (maximum 2.5mm thickness) or wooden slats. 

If used on metal rooves, the length of screws would need to be about 10mm longer than the original screws. The screw size we recommend is 14g-65 or 14g-75.