The Best Mounting Solution

Certified Mounting System

Solar panel mounting systems provide structural support for solar panels to be installed on rooves. A typical frame consists of a pair of rails for attaching solar panels and anchoring connections to suit roof types and project needs. As well know, it should be certificated according to the diffident types of roof.

Certification of the mounting system is valid for a complete system, which not only indicates the system is safe but provides the engineering data also. The certificate is the overall safety certification of the system’s materials, quantity, and the type of roof structure installed. Using any third-party parts to replace the original system parts will result in invalid certification.

Risks of mounting system installation

In most cases, the risk of failure of the mounting system does not come from itself. Common failures occur on the screws between the system and the roof structure. It is the responsibility of the installer to confirm the quality, quantity, and installation method of the screws.

What kinds of and how many bracket should be used?

That is a good question! 

It depends on what type of roof for the project, then follow the spacing of the bracket to determine its quantity. 


Tile hooks are used for tile roof.

L foot, kliplok clamps are used for pitched metal roof.

Tilt systems such as EzTKT, EzTruss are used for flat roof.

Ground frames should be used if the project not on roof.