Getting More Sun
with Tilt System

EzTKT TM  & EzTrussTM 

Flat Roof Tilt System

The installation direction is along to the sheet ribs.

EzTKTTM  tilt system is an efficient and versatile tilt solution. It offers 3 different options for accommodating any tilt angle: adjustable, fixed, and reversed frame. According to engineering requirements, a variety of specifications can be provided to suit most flat roof installations except for the installation direction perpendicular to the roof sheet ribs. 

EzTrussTM  tilt system is a standard solar panel roof truss system. It offers extra structural support for even more challenging site conditions.

A typical example of use is for occasions where the rail direction is perpendicular to the rib of the metal sheet.

The installation direction is perpendicular to the roof sheet ribs. 

EzTKTTM  Adjustable Tilt Leg

 Adjustable Tilt Frame, EzTKTTM is designed for the flat roof (the pitched less than 7°). It features adjustable angles between 15° – 30°, which allows PV panels to achieve an overall 15° to 37° solar tilt angle for optimal performance.

Adjustable Tilt Frame is an economical solution with fast installation. It can be installed on different roof types with matching EzQuikTM   components such as TB-1, EzBase, and EzKLC. 

 Reversed Tilt Fram

Reversed Tilt leg is an adjustable frame of 30° to 60°. It is designed to achieve a greater incline for specific requirements. It can be installed on different types of roofs with matching the components as well.

EzTKTTM    Fixed Tilt Leg

EzTKT10 is a fixed tilt frame that allows with 10° angle. It has been widely used on commercial projects in any desired orientation and can be installed on different types of roof profiles with matching their components as well.

EzTrussTM    Tilt Frame

EzTrussTM features an adjustable angle between 15° – 30°, which allows PV panels to achieve an overall 20° to 37° solar tilt angle for optimal performance.

EzTrussTM provides the solution for roof conditions where extra strength and rigidity are required. It can be installed on different types of roof types with matching EzQuikTM components as well. 

How many tilt frame should be used?

The tilt leg spacing given in the table below is based on the use of two screws for Ez-TKT or three screws for EzTruss to connect to the roof structure, If this is not the case reducing the spacing should be considered.        Click here for more

The Spacing for Ez-TKTTM  Tilt System

Roof Height (m)Region A (mm)Region B (mm)

The Spacing for EzTrussTM  Tilt Frame

Roof Height (m)Region A & B (mm)Region C & D (mm)

EzTKTTM or EzTrussTM
Which and Why

Before installing a tilt system on a flat roof, you should first confirm the direction of the roof sheet rib, especially the Klip Lok sheet roof. 

Both systems are adjustable in angle and suitable for all roof types. While EzTKTTM  is more economically friendly, EzTrussTM  provides additional strength and rigidity.  

EzTKTTM system is stable when installed perpendicular to roof ribs.  However, sometimes frames are required to be installed parallel to ribs (eg. the Roof is West-East orientated).