the fast instaling roof racking system

Why EzQuikTM  ?

2 Steps quick installation, plug-in & drill

Thanks to the unique’ T bolt’ design, the installation of EzT-Bolt only requires 2 actions: plug in the bolt and tighten with a drill.

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The simplicity of EzQuik allows 30% faster installation compared to other systems on the market which would require 3 actions:  special angleplug in the bolt then tighten with the drill

EzT-Bolt is designed to meet Australian standards and is made of stainless steel with a special coating for great galling resistance. 

Each bolt has an indicator that is convenient for confirming the correct ‘T head’ positioning and ensure safety and reliability.

Aussie Standard Earthing lug

Earthing is an integrated part of the EzQuik system. EzT-Bolt has a special tooth that will pierce the anodized aluminum to form earthing conduction.

Earthing Cover
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Earthing chips are pre-assembled to mid-clamps in the factory. After installing all mid-clamps, the earthing job will automatically be done at the same time.  In other words, during installation on-site, no additional handling is required except for connecting the earthing cable.

The advantage of our earthing design is that only one cable lug is needed for each row of PV panels. This one cable lug can be connected to either 1 of the 2 Ez Rails.

EzQuik mounting systems are the ideal roof solar panel support system. Its outstanding advantage lies in its simple and fast installation.