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Ground Truss System

Certified ground system

EzQuikTM  ground mounting system is designed by a local engineer. It is consists of two-part, the upper part inherits advantages of the EzQuik™ roofing system but has more flexural stiffness and the fundamental part (bottom part) is a special design which fully compliant with Australian building code and approved by the authorized engineer.

To simplify the installation process, improve its efficiency and reduce its cost, at the same time as the system design, MSS had also designed a special installation solution with related tools. The system is suitable for small and medium projects to use.

The Truss of Ground System

To improve installation efficiency, the truss has been pre-assembled by the factory. The entire truss system is divided into two parts during transportation. On-site assembly is simple and fast.

Foundations of The System

The truss layout of the EzQuik™ grounding system has three kinds of foundation, Ground Foot (GPSF), Post Anchor (GPSA), and Screw Pile (GPSP), which are available to select the appropriate one depending on site conditions.

Ground foot (GPSF)

Use GPSF footing requires the installation site to have a certain thickness of concrete foundation and ensure that all pre-installed GPSF foundations are at the same horizontal level.

Post Anchor (GPSA)

There are no site requirements needed for GPSA footing. Install this system requires on-site digging and filling in concrete. This is similar to the post-installation of the garden fence.

Screw Pile (GPSP)

For large-scale construction projects, the use of a screw pile as the foundation would be a good solution. Because setting up a screw pile requires specialized construction equipment, the screw pile footing is more suitable for large-scale construction projects.

If a screw pile is used as the foundation, each project must be individually certified. This is because the geological conditions of different sites are different.

About Concrete Foundation

Wind ZoneRegion A (mm)Region B (mm)Region CRegion D
Wind Speed Vp (m/s)41485973
Foundation Size (Front)300x300x300300x300x300300x300x300300x300x300
Foundation Size (Rear)650x650x650700x700x700700x700x700700x700x800
Concrete Volume (Front)0.027 m30.027 m30.027 m30.027 m3
Concrete Volume (Rear)0.270 m30.343 m30.355 m30.389 m3

The Spacing for Ground Truss

Wind ZoneRegion A & B (mm)Region C & D (mm)
Spacing of Truss19001050